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Tips For Selecting Kitchen Drawer Pulls

Whether you are replacing your kitchen cabinets or not, new kitchen drawer pulls are a great way to change up the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Kitchen drawer pulls can take just about any shape, color, or style you can think of, and they do not take a lot of time to install. However, selecting the right kitchen drawer pulls does involve making many decisions. You have to think about the style of the hardware compared to the style of the drawers. Then you have to think about the weight and size of the drawers to determine what size pulls you need. You also have to consider the various materials that kitchen drawer pulls are made out of. With all of these decisions, how can you know which drawer pulls will look best in your kitchen? Here are some tips to figuring it all out.

Hardware Style

Style is one of the most obvious things when it comes to décor of any kind. The way the hardware looks in the drawers it will go on is certainly very important. It should match the rest of the kitchen and complete the look, much like earrings or a necklace completes your personal look. Kitchen drawer pulls are like the finishing touches on a beautiful kitchen, and they can enhance the beauty of the kitchen if they are selected properly or look glaring and out of place if the wrong decision is made. When considering style, just think about the overall style of the kitchen. If you decided on an antique look, then antique drawer pulls are the answer, but if you have a very modern or contemporary look, then you will need something much more sleek and newer.

Another part of choosing a style is the kind of kitchen drawer pull you select. Drawer pulls can either be knobs or handles, depending on which style you prefer. You may even want to take into consideration which of the two types feels better in your hand.


Another important option that is related to style is the material. Metal kitchen drawer pulls are the most popular right now, but many people opt instead of glass or plastic pulls. Metal pulls will last quite a bit longer than glass or plastic, although they are quite expensive and can be a bit limited in terms of color. However, what metal pulls lack in color, they make up for in the ability to have very ornate carvings and designs. Glass pulls have the benefit of offering a wide selection of colors and very intricate designs. In fact, people who really want a unique type of hardware for their kitchen or bathroom will probably want to opt for glass because of the many choices that are available. Plastic drawer pulls are the least expensive option, and they may offer many different colors and designs also, but often they are very cheap and do not last a long time. Be prepared to change the hardware out again in a couple of years if you opt for low grade plastic. More durable and expensive plastic may last longer than a couple of years.

Drawer Size

Finally, remember to take into account the size of the drawers. This part has two sides to it. First, think about the overall size of the pull and the size of the drawer face. The pull should be proportional to the front of the drawer. Second, think about how heavy the drawer is and how easy or difficult it is to pull out. Kitchen drawer pulls that are too small will not work well with very heavy or large drawers.


Baker's Racks Add the Storage You Need

While many interior décor concepts have come and gone, the venerable baker's rack continues to live on. Even though few people bake pie after pie these days, except during the holidays, baker's racks add the storage you need, not only in the kitchen, but throughout the home.

For example, baker's racks add the storage you need in the living room. An ornate baker's rack can add beauty and charm to the room, as well as providing much needed storage. Many baker's racks come with doored units on the bottom, so you can store serving ware, extra linens or even those ancient VCR tapes you rarely use.

Baker's racks add the storage you need virtually everywhere in your home. For example baker's racks add the storage you need in the bathroom, too. You can use them in lieu of a cabinet, hutch or an over-the-toilet rack. They give the bathroom a real homey touch while offering a great place to hang towels and display handy toiletries for use by visitors and family alike.

But don't think the baker's rack is no longer meant for the kitchen, where it all began. Baker's racks add the storage you need there, as well, giving you added space to store your favorite cookbooks, bottles of wine and favorite glassware. And when the holidays roll around, simply remove the books and use the cooling racks as they were meant to be used - to hold pies so they cool evenly and completely on the wire racks.

Baker's racks add the storage you need in the bedroom, too. You can use one to hold a plasma TV while displaying some favorite knickknacks on the racks above. If you love the look of the wire racks but want more display real estate, add glass to the shelves. You can get them cut to fit at any home improvement store. With the addition of the glass, baker's racks add the storage you need and then some, especially if the bottom part of the rack has doors.

Baker's racks come in all shapes and sizes as well as styles. The traditional rack features one to three wire racks along the top, a spacious tabletop in the middle and the bottom can hold wine, glassware or have doored units so you can keep things out of sight and out of mind.

When selecting a baker's rack for you home, you want one that offers the maximum amount of storage, unless you love to make pies, then you want to make sure the racks themselves have plenty of depth and are long enough to hold several pies as they cool.

Some racks are even large enough to hold a microwave, convection oven or toaster oven on the tabletop. Alternately, you can keep your mixer and bowls there, ready to go at a moment's notice should you get the pie making bug.

If you love baker's racks, you may also want to get one for your patio. Baker's racks add the storage you need there, too. They are terrific as a gardening stand, allowing you to pot new plants with ease. With some hooks you can hang your gardening tools along the edge of the rack and use the tabletop to do your planting. Empty pots can go up above and you can place potting soil and fertilizer down below.

Or you can use the baker's rack as a planter, putting different sized pots on the various racks. This works really well for a corner baker's rack, which will fit nicely in a small corner of your deck or patio, giving you maximum space for plants, herbs or flowers in a minimal space.


Wood Kitchen Tables - Bringing Country Cooking Back Home

There are many restaurant and fast-food places that claim to offer "Country Cooking", cooked fast and served fast. But good country cooking is not meant to be served in a rush; it's meant to be cooked slowly, the textures, colors and scents savored as raw ingredients turn themselves into a great home-cooked meal for your family to share together around good old fashioned wooden kitchen tables.

Consider all of the ways your sturdy wood kitchen tables can play a role in your bringing country cooking back into your family.

Rolling Dough

Yes, wood kitchen tables are for more than just setting place settings and having the meal. The tabletop is a great spot for you to prepare and roll out the dough for breads, cookies, piecrusts, and anything else you may need a large surface area and the use of a rolling pin to create. It is very fulfilling to roll out and manipulate the dough for a piecrust by hand. It might be a bit more time consuming than purchasing a pre-made crust, but the satisfaction garnered from it is worth more than the time you will have spent. It just seems that handmade piecrust tastes better. A good country cook will tell you that it's because of the love that is added to the dough.

Chopping Vegetables & Assembling Ingredients

Your wood kitchen and dining tables can be used as giant chopping boards to chop the veggies used in your meals, or to spread out and assemble your ingredients. The large surface space makes it ideal to spread out your ingredients and take stock of everything that's going to go into your meal. One note in this case is that you may not want to cut the vegetables directly on the surface of your kitchen tables. The knives can do damage to the tabletop surface. Instead, you may want to use a roll-out cutting board on top of the table to protect the surface.

Teaching & Sharing

As the center of your kitchen, your wood kitchen tables are a great spot to sit and learn recipes from your grandparents or parents. In turn, it is a great way to teach country cooking to your own children. Sitting around wood kitchen tables with your family around you, passing down the secret family recipes, is a very good tradition to start. Start a family recipe book, to ensure that your family recipes do not get lost between the generations.

Family Meals

Sharing your home cooked country-style meal around your wood kitchen table is a great way to foster family togetherness and start a new family tradition.

In homes around the world the sturdy wood kitchen table has been the focal point of the home, the place where families and friends gather to celebrate all aspects of their lives. In your home, you can use your own sturdy reliable wood kitchen table to bring your family together, over a home-cooked country meal, comforting as much as it is familiar.


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