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Kitchen Tables And Chair Sets - Fill Your Kitchen With Country Charm

In creating a perfect rustic home, many start with the kitchen. After all, what is more rustic, and country, than a home cooked meal with the family.

These days, more and more families are enjoying meals at kitchen tables and chair sets instead of a formal dining room. Dining rooms are a lot of hassle, and are now used more for special occasions when a larger number of people need to be seated. This change is a great thing for the cook, because instead of being left out of all the conversations, while being stuck in the kitchen preparing the vittles, the family can be in the kitchen as the meal is being prepared and can all share this time together. This is also a great way to remind the rest of the family to do their part in helping to set up for, and clean up after, the meal. There's no escape when they are all in the kitchen.

To get the right old country look in the kitchen, you should start with the kitchen tables and chair sets. This is going to be the centerpiece of the room. Sure, there are all the appliances, but when people walk in, their eyes are always going to go to the table and the chairs where they can take a seat. This table and chair set needs to be comfortable, yet convey the look of life on the farm. A simple wooden set can create this look. A tabletop made of oak or cherry wood, surrounded by four chairs, for the family setting. Look for hand-embroidered cloth napkins or placemats and a real wicker basket for the bread that is to accompany the meal to complete the look at mealtime.

If your family is prone to a lot of conversation at the dinner table, you may want to make those chairs a little more comfortable, by adding a couple of cushions, one on the seat, and another on the back so everyone can be focused on the conversation and not their sore backside. When first buying the kitchen tables and chair sets you also may want to think about getting ones with arm rests, so people don't feel a need to rest their arms on the table during those talks. Just make sure there is room in the kitchen for the extra space that chairs with arms will need to fit.

Another part of creating the country kitchen look is through the appliances in the room. While we can't get rid of the refrigerator, there are some home decorators that disguise the modern appliances with false cabinet fronts or curtains to remove them from the view. When it comes to stoves, there is even a trend to change out a modern stove for a wood stove that can add the right flavor and look for the decorative style. While a wood stove may seem like an interesting idea, it is also a costly one to put into place. There is major work that will have to be done to accommodate not only the stove, but also the chimney that releases the smoke as the wood burns.


Elegance And Style - Modern Metal Bar Stools

Whether you are looking for modern metal bar stools for your outside bar area or for the bar area in your kitchen, a metal stool can make all the difference when it comes to style. Modern metal bar stools combine sturdiness and style and there are so many options available in terms of style that you are sure to find the metal stool that fits perfectly with the other pieces in the area.

When you think of a metal stool, you should think of both comfort and style. You can find modern bar stools that are cushioned in a fabric that accentuates the colors that you have chosen in your home. The seat is padded and comfortable so that you and your guests will not mind sitting at the bar for hours socializing or simply reading a book. It is important that the metal stool is beautiful and it is just as important that it provides a comfortable place for your guests to relax.

Another great aspect of purchasing modern metal bar stools is that you can pick out the type and color of metal for your stool. As you begin your search for the metal stool that will complete the look you have created at your home, remember that the color of the metal is just as important as the color of the fabric on the seat area. You want the colors to work together to be a great accent in your room.

While you are looking at the colors for the cushion and the metal, pay attention to the details that have been added to some modern bar stools. The legs of the metal stool are often designed to add more flare to the already gorgeous piece. The craftsmen that make these stools are able to work wonders bending the legs in a way that has elegance and beauty as well as stability in each stool. Some of the designs have legs that are curved and flowing while others have a more artistic form with straight lines and bends.

If you are selecting modern metal bar stools for an outside bar area, be sure that the metal is protected since it will be kept out in the elements. Rain, snow, and beams of sunlight can make an unprotected metal stool rust and decay much quicker than protected metal. Be sure to check this out prior to making a purchase for outdoor metal bar stools so you do not find yourself needing to purchase more stools in only a couple of years.

You should also pay attention to the fabric that is on the modern bar stools that you choose. If you are going to use them outdoors, remember that rain and snow can cause the fabric to discolor. Also, if the metal stool is kept in full sunlight, the sun will likely fade the colors in the fabric. If you are purchasing stools for indoor use, take your family into consideration when you decide on a fabric. If you have small children that may spill food or drinks on the fabric, it may be wise to purchase a metal stool with a fabric that can easily be wiped up if spills occur.

As you look through the available types of modern bar stools, you are sure to find a design that works well with the design of your area. There are so many great metal stool designs that you may find it difficult to choose one, but once you have made the decision you are sure to be pleased with the results.


Teak Tables - Just Like A Piece Of Art

Having teak tables in your home is like owning a piece of natural art. You no doubt have found yourself looking at the grain of the wood and its rich appearance and wondering where it came from and how it managed to become the teak tables you now have in your home.

Teak has a long history of being used for ornate pieces of furniture and decorations as well as practical uses in construction. Initially teak was the wood of choice to use for boats since the material is exceedingly strong and resilient. It holds up to the water and wear of the sea with little impact, due to its naturally oil-heavy qualities. In many countries, teak was the wood of choice for outdoor benches with some of the benches in English parks that were created almost a hundred years ago, still in use today.

The fact that this wood is so oil-rich also means it is extremely heavy. That led to a problem in getting the teak from the spot where the trees were growing in Asia to the artisan shops where they would be worked into becoming teak tables and other furniture pieces. Luckily, these areas had a strong workforce of elephants. These elephants were trained to pull the teak trees from the jungles where they were growing and stack them during one day. At the end of the day, these well-trained pachyderms would hear a bell and know their work was done. Another day, they would have to take on the second part of the job, getting the teak to the coast. While traditional pieces of wood are often floated down rivers, this can't be done with teak. The wood is so dense it will sink, and be lost.

So, the elephants were put back to work, dragging log after log through the forest until they reached the coastline. Once there, the pieces of teak could be used for ship building, repair or be loaded up to be taken to the shops where they would be turned into teak tables and other pieces of furniture.

There was also another possible use of teak wood, in a place of honor. This is visible in some of the old temples that are still standing in China and Thailand. The pillars to hold up these temples were made of teak, and while in many cases the masonry and other portions of the temples have fallen apart, the teak has been able to withstand the test of time and is still erect.

This also supports the reason many people choose ornate teak tables and other pieces as a family heirloom, knowing they will be able to pass down through generations and not wear down and fall apart over time.

The next time you contemplate your teak tables, you may want to consider that long after you and many other members of your family have passed, they will still be living on, as a legacy to the place where the family once gathered.


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